Terrified with Dave Ross & Anna Seregina

Joey Izzo is a filmmaker in Los Angeles, CA.  He's great.  Dave's a big fan of his.  They talk about the oversaturation of people with art and culture and "content" in the modern world, and how they think its both hurt and helped their lives.  They also talk about detachment from your loved ones, and not being present in your relationships.  Near the end, they discussed changes in DAVE.  It was a great conversation.  They both thought so.  For real.

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James Fritz is a stand-up comic based in Los Angeles, CA.  He and Dave talk about love, and what it is to be a good comic, and what it is to be a good person, and what it is to fail at all three of those things.  

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Kate Berlant is a comedian based in Los Angeles, California.  She and Dave discuss her paranoia that something awful is about to happen, at any time, for no reason.  They talk panic attacks and social panic and just panic in general.  Also swastikas.  For real.

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Greg Katz is a musician in Los Angeles, and bass player for the band LA Font, who wrote the Terrified theme song!  Or rather, they wrote a song named Strangest Dream, and then graciously donated it years later to be the Terrified theme song.  Regardless, Dave and Greg talk about the music scene, and the comedy scene, and their similarities to one another, and the ways that one can do wrong while coming up in either.  It was a huge relief to both of them that it's so similar in other art forms, and also horrifying, for the exact same reason.

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The Beast Village Comedy Festival had its first year this year, in the East Village neighborhood of Des Moines.  It was SO FUN.  This live episode was recorded in the basement of the Des Moines Social Club, and features comedian and festival founder Dan Umthun, Chicago comedian Ashley Huck, New York-based comedian Andy Sandford, and road dog extroardinaire Sam Tallent having a god damn breakdown. We say again:  SO FUN.

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Solomon Georgio is a comedian in Los Angeles, CA.  He and Dave talk about his abusive family history, and the emotional distance he's put between himself and everything around him as a result.  They also talk about porn for thirty minutes.


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Batman is a superhero based in Gotham City. He and Dave discuss his parents' death. And bats. Happy Halloween! Maybe become a fan of comedian Joe Starr.

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John Butler is a writer and director based in Ireland!  He is also gay, and is afraid that maybe he isn't overtly gay enough.  He and Dave discuss his homosexuality, and the possibility that he is suppressing parts of his personality as a result of institutionalized fear of homosexuality.


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Baron Vaughn is an L.A.-based comedian and actor.  He and Dave discuss his fear that he'll never get out from under his debt, and that he'll be judged for doing so.  They dive pretty deep, and we'll say no more than that here.  Enjoy.

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Goodrich Gevaart is a stand-up comic in Chicago. He and Dave disucss mental illness and emotional problems, and what it takes to eradicate them. Goodrich is afraid that, depsite all his hard work, he'll never be better, and they discuss that fear at length. They both love punk rock, and they talk about how much they both love punk rock, especially when punk rock is nice. Anna Seregina comes back at the end to talk a little more about self-loathing.

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