Terrified with Dave Ross & Anna Seregina

Recorded live at The High Watt in Nashville, Tennessee and masterfully produced by Brandon Jazz (of Corporate Juggernaut), this episode features three undeniably great performers -- John-Michael Bond, Julia Luce and Coco Hames.  Each of their mini-interviews was riddled with laughs and intensity for completely a different reason than the next.  Also, it was raining outside and Dave got scared.

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Leon Blanda is a comedian from New Orleans, Lousiana.  He bends Dave's ear about government conspiracies and the helplessness of being an ordinary citizen.  They recorded the interview at the beach, which made them both feel pretty weird.

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Chris Thayer is a comedian based in Los Angeles.  He and Dave discuss self-centeredness, awareness of the feelings of others, and straight-up narcissism.  (Also other things.)  Recorded live from Dave's car in San Diego, CA.

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Anna Seregina is a great comic and one of Dave's best friends.  They had a great time.  They played old 90s singles and talked a lot of trash, and also discussed Anna's upbringing in detail.  She is Russian-born with an OCD-riddled mother.  Dave was fascinated.

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Bert McCracken is the lead singer of The Used.  He discusses the failing American system with Dave, and anarchy, and anarchism, and Occupy, and what might happen if America continues down its current path.  They had fun, and the discussion is decidedly different from most others so far on Terrified.

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